Live The Promise: FL

The Challenge
  1. Nationally, 50% of foster parents quit within the first year of becoming licensed as foster parents.
  2. An estimated 65% of adoptive placements disrupt, which results in returning the children to foster care.

This failure rate is one of the primary drivers creating Florida’s child welfare crisis, in which there are not enough foster and adoptive homes to care for vulnerable children.

The Solution

Florida 1.27 embraces the reality that caring for children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned can be difficult. It is a unique calling where some people are called to bring a child into their own home. Others can contribute in additional ways using their unique gifts and abilities.

This is why we are excited to announce our recent strategic partnership with Promise 686. Within the last 3 years, Promise 686 has worked to develop a team model (named Live The Promise) that enables churches to engage volunteers to proactively serve and support foster and adoptive families. To date, Promise 686 has implemented the Live The Promise model in more than 120 churches in Georgia and engaged more than 1500 volunteers to serve and support foster families.
Community Care Team Model

The Live The Promise model dramatically increases the total number of foster and adoptive families through three successful approaches:
  1. Customized church awareness campaigns breed new foster and adoptive families.
  2. An engineered community care team surrounding foster and adoptive families improves success ratios.
  3. Volunteers serving foster and adoptive families gradually increase their commitment until many become foster and adoptive families themselves.

The impact of this additional support has been huge, in which the rate of foster families that quit within the first year is reduced from 50% to less than 5%! In addition, 30% of the volunteers choose to increase their levels of service and bring children into their own homes as licensed foster parents.

With this results-proven model, Florida 1.27 has begun to implement the Live The Promise: FL campaign to reach the goal of having more than enough foster and adoptive families supported and available to care for vulnerable children.