The Heartbeat of Florida 1.27

Every child in foster and adoptive care deserves a safe place to call home.

Every day in our very own community, children are removed from their homes to protect them from abuse and neglect caused by the adults that are supposed to love and provide for them. These children have been traumatized and are in great need of healing. They need a loving family who is well prepared and willing to meet their needs. They require a family that is willing to work towards family reunification and, when appropriate, provide a permanent family through adoption.

The Florida foster care system has been operating in a crisis mode for far too long. It runs on a broken model proven to provide unacceptable results. Tragically, there are not enough foster families available to care for every child.

These children matter. They were create in the image of God. He has a plan and a purpose for these children.

There is great hope for these children where science demonstrates their incredible capacity to heal. But these children cannot heal alone. These children were harmed in and through relationships, so they need stable and loving caregivers to guide them towards healing in and through nurturing relationships.